Question: What happened to Emden?

The Emden, with 134 killed during the battle, eventually surrendered to the Sydney waving a white flag. Sydneys defeat of the Emden in the Battle of Cocos was the Royal Australian Navys first victory and the end to the Emdens dominance in the waters around the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

How long did the Battle of Cocos last?

A page from the log-book kept by Frank Trevor Jones aboard HMAS Sydney. In less than two hours the Battle of Cocos was over. Von Müller ran Emden onto North Keeling Island a burning wreck. Sydney had lost 4 dead and 16 wounded while Emden suffered 134 killed and 69 wounded.

Who Sank the Emden?

HMAS Sydney There, Emden was attacked by the Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney on 9 November 1914. The more powerful Australian ship quickly inflicted serious damage and forced Müller to run his ship aground to avoid sinking. Out of a crew of 376, 133 were killed in the battle.

What happened HMAS Melbourne?

HMAS Melbourne (FFG 05) was an Adelaide-class guided-missile frigate of the Royal Australian Navy, which entered service in 1992. On 26 October 2019, Melbourne was decommissioned from the RAN, subsequently being transferred to Chile. The ship was commissioned into the Chilean Navy as Almirante Latorre on 15 April 2020.

Has HMAS Sydney been found?

The wreckage of the Kormoran was found about 100 nautical miles off Steep Point, more than two kilometres below the oceans surface, and the Sydney was found just 10 nautical miles west.

Has the HMAS Sydney been found?

The wreck of the HMAS Sydney (II) was found by the Finding Sydney Foundation on 16th March 2008 approximately 207km (128 miles) from the west coast (Steep Point) of Western Australia at a depth of approximately 2,468 metres.

Does Australia own any aircraft carriers?

Following the first decommissioning of sister ship HMAS Sydney in 1958, Melbourne became the only aircraft carrier in Australian service.

Did Canada have an aircraft carrier?

HMCS Bonaventure was a Majestic-class aircraft carrier, the third and last aircraft carrier in service with Canadas armed forces....HMCS Bonaventure.HistoryCanadaClass and typeMajestic-class aircraft carrierDisplacementnormal: 16,000 long tons (16,257 t) full load: 20,000 long tons (20,321 t)24 more rows

Who found the HMAS Sydney?

A renewed effort to find the Sydney and Kormoran, supported by modern technology, came to fruition on 16 March 2008, whena small group of Australian volunteers, the Finding Sydney Foundation, discovered the Sydney shortly after locating the Kormoran wreck, around 100 nautical miles off the coast of Western Australia.

Was the German navy in the Pacific?

The German East Asia Squadron (German: Kreuzergeschwader or Ostasiengeschwader) was an Imperial German Navy cruiser squadron which operated mainly in the Pacific Ocean between the mid-1890s until 1914, when it was destroyed at the Battle of the Falkland Islands.

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