Question: How do you conjugate Glauben in German?

How do you conjugate Glauben?

Verb forms in Participle of glaubenich glaube (1st PersonSingular)du glaubest (2nd PersonSingular)er glaubt (3rd PersonSingular)wir glauben (1st PersonPlural)ihr glaubt (2nd PersonPlural)sie glauben (3rd PersonPlural)

What is the meaning of Glauben?

belief belief faith, trust, confidence religious faith (, faith, religion.

What does German word Vielleicht mean?

maybe A quick look at vielleicht, the German word for maybe. and welcome to our German Word of the Day.

How do you use Vielleicht in German?

Germans do use it sometimes to express that something was REALLY something. For example: Puh, die U-Bahn war heute vielleicht mal voll.

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