Question: Was bewundert Gretchen an Faust?

Who is Gretchen in Faust?

Also known as Gretchen, a shortening of her given name, Margarete is a beautiful, innocent, poor young woman with whom Faust falls madly in love and who in turn falls in love with him.

Are Ines dead Arknights?

Ines, one of the mercenary team leaders, is dead.

Is Misha dead in Arknights?

May you rest in peace, Misha... Mishas death left a total impact on Amiya. It was from that moment onwards, Amiya had learnt the inequality of this world. Trying to comfort her, Chen told her that if the Reunion was willing to cooperate with her, there wont be any bloodshed.

Can you sell a soul on eBay?

Wikimedia Commons You know Lori N., the Albuquerque woman who was auctioning off her soul on eBay? No sale. eBay has cancelled her listing, under a longstanding policy that specifically forbids selling your soul.

What is the worth of a soul Thresh?

Threshs first soul is worth 1 armor and 1 AP and scales down to a minimum of 0.5 extra AP and armor at 100 souls. It uses the equation Soul Value = 1 - 0.005 * Number of Souls collected, until you collect your hundredth soul, where it remains at 0.5.

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