Question: Are Tunisians friendly?

Tunisian people are friendly and kind. They dont hesitate to offer advice or help everywhere you go. You never see then being in a rush – there always seems to be enough time for everything The official language is Arabic, but most of locals are bilingual in Arabic and French.

Is Tunisia a friendly country?

While much of Tunisia is safe to visit now, including the capital Tunis and much of the north of the country, much of the south and the western border is still considered dangerous for tourist travel, because of terrorism or military operations. Within 20km of the rest of the Libya border area north of Dhehiba.

Do you have to cover up in Tunisia?

Youre not expected to cover your head, even in towns where the majority of women do so. Most of the beaches you visit will have both Tunisians and tourists wearing a variety of swimwear.

Drinking Age By Country 2021CountryOn Premise Drinking AgeOff Premise Drinking AgeTunisia1818Burundi18No minimum ageRwanda18No minimum ageGuinea181897 more rows

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