Question: How many sub counties are in Gulu?

Gulu is a district in Uganda. It has 16 subcounties, 70 parishes and 640 villages.

How many counties in Gulu district?

2 counties It consists of 2 counties of; Gulu Municipality and Aswa, 16 Sub- counties, 70 parishes and 258 villages.

Which country is Gulu?

Aswa County The district is composed of Aswa County and the Gulu Municipal Council.

What state is Gulu in?

Gulu is a City in the Northern Region of Uganda. The regional headquarters are located in the city of Gulu, which is also the administrative capital of Northern Uganda… Gulu is a City in the Northern Region of Uganda.

What language do they speak in Gulu Uganda?

Acholi Acholi is a language primarily spoken by the Acholi people in the districts of Gulu, Kitgum and Pader, a region known as Acholiland in northern Uganda.

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