Question: Why does Namine look like Kairi?

Why does Namine look different from Kairi?

Because Namine was born from Soras body. Instead of looking exactly like Kairi, she looks like how Sora remembers Kairi.

Is Namine a Kairi?

Naminé is the Nobody of Kairi, and wields the power to manipulate the memories of Sora and those close to him. The first part of her name, nami means wave in Japanese, similar to Kairis name, which is derived from the word for sea.

Is Namine Soras daughter?

Sora gave birth to Namine with Kairi DNA through the use of Magic.

Why does Xion look like Sora?

It really just varies. And since everyone refers to Xion as she in-game it can be taken to mean that as she developed a mind of her own and absorbed soras memories more that she began to take on her blacked haired look more often to others since thats how she saw herself.

Is Namine good or bad?

Shes not evil. She just does as shes told or shell probally suffer the consequences if she was getting her revenge against the org. 13 or something. Besides, if shes the other side of kairi, she must be non-evil.

Is Sora in love with Steph?

She fell in love with Sora due to the pledges forcing her to, and she often has violent outbursts to try to break free of it. However, Jibril later stated that the pledge did not specify a time frame, and so should have worn off, meaning Stephanie had probably truly fallen for Sora.

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