Question: What is modern Tantra?

Modern Tantra shows how to practice the ancient Pagan spiritual system of Tantra for greater freedom, health, and happiness. Encouraging growth, experimentation, and personal evolution through exercises and meditations, Modern Tantra is a new look at a time-honored spiritual path.

How do you get Tantric love?

However, to experience Tantric love, you have to move slowly, taking your time and savoring your connection with the other person. Meditation, breathing exercises, and Tantric massage all set the mood and help you establish a deeper connection.

What is a tantra session like?

A session might involve talking, meditations, body touch and massage. After the initial interview, some Tantra therapists could decide to opt for a Tantric massage, also known as Yoni massage or Lingam massage. A Tantra therapist holds a safe space for the client, with clear boundaries and unambiguous intentions.

What is difference between tantra and mantra?

Yantra refers to devices that are used for balancing of mind. Tantra defines rituals and meditation acts that can be used to get the freedom from uncontrollably recurring problems. Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning manas - mind, consciousness, soul + tra, trayate - to free.

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