Question: Does Spencer Hastings have a twin in real life?

Are Spencer and Melissa twins?

Created in 2006 by Sara Shepard for the book series, the character was later reworked by I. Marlene King, the developer of the television series, in which she is portrayed by Torrey DeVitto. An antiheroine, Melissa is sister to protagonist Spencer Hastings, and the daughter of Peter and Veronica Hastings.

How do you tell if its Spencer or Alex?

Hannas dream sequence. That was actually Alex pretending to be Spencer as she comforted Hanna and sang her a lullaby. You can tell its Alex because she has side bangs instead of Spencers straight-across bangs and refers to Uber A as A.D. — a term that the actual Spencer didnt learn until later in the episode.

Are Toby and Spencer together in real life?

I hate to break it to all those die-hard Pretty Little Liars fans hoping Spencer and Toby are dating in real life, but its not going to happen. First of all, its been known for a while now that Troian Bellisario is engaged to Patrick J. Adams, so, yeah, Spoby isnt a real-life thing.

Does Spencer twin sleep with Toby?

Alex had sex with Bearded Toby last week—not Spencer. But revenge wasnt enough for Alex: She became jealous of the life Spencer had and wanted to become her. Thats when things get nuts: In a flashback Alex asks Wren to shoot her, but she ends up killing him.

Are CeCe and Spencer sisters?

Season 7. In The Darkest Knight, Spencer is shot by Uber A during the attack by Jenna and Noel. Mary then cradles Spencers body and reveals that she is indeed Spencers mother, making Spencer the biological sister of Cece Drake.

Is Garrett the father of Melissa baby?

Kingdom of the Blind It is revealed that Melissa lost the baby. Hanna also predicts that Garrett Reynolds might be the father of Taylor because of his talk of Medical records dont lie and he went with Melissa to get her ultrasound, but it is still unknown if Garrett was actually the father or not.

Who kissed Toby goodbye?

Spencer Numerous flashbacks are shown to where Alex pretended to be Spencer. They included when Hanna dreamed of Spencer while she was trapped in the abandoned barn when Spencer was looking at a family photo album when Spencer kissed Toby to say goodbye, and the one time Spencer and Toby had sex in his cabin.

Why did Caleb and Hanna break up?

Caleb Rivers This first hook up ended when Hanna discovered that Caleb was spying on her, and Jenna paid him to do it. It is later revealed that they broke up because Hanna was working a lot, and they didnt spend a lot of time together.

Did anyone from PLL date in real life?

In addition to wanting their characters together, fans began to see that Benson and Blackburn were close in real life, as evidenced by their social media posts. So did they really date? Nope. “We never officially dated,” Blackburn told Playboy earlier this year.

Who does Spencer Hastings marry?

Toby Cavanaugh Spencer HastingsSpencer Jill HastingsOccupationNovel: College student Legal Aid Television: A (formerly) Law student Paralegal at the Hastings & Hastings firmAffiliationThe Liars The A-Team (Formerly)SpouseToby Cavanaugh (husband)21 more rows

WHO IS A after CeCe dies?

In the shows series finale, Uber As identity is revealed to be Alex Drake, Spencers twin sister who was put up for adoption at birth. She desperately craves vengeance over the tragic passing of Charlotte DiLaurentis, who was her half-sister, and is trying to seek out the person responsible.

Who is CeCe Drakes parents?

Mary Drake Charlotte Drake/Parents Charlotte Drake, born as Charles Drake, was born to Mary Drake in Radley Sanitarium, a mental institution. Placed under the care of her mothers identical twin sister, Jessica DiLaurentis, Drake was raised as the sister of Jessicas kids, Jason and Alison.

Is Melissa pregnant on pretty little liars?

Kingdom of the Blind It is revealed that Melissa lost the baby. Birds of a Feather Melissa reveals, along with being the Black Swan, that she lost her baby the day after Ian was found dead. She was going to tell Spencer, but found Ians phone in Spencers possession, and had been faking her pregnancy ever since.

Is Melissa part of the A team?

The biggest reveals from Tuesdays episode: The “A” team revealed: The complete “A” team was revealed throughout the episode, and, as of the end of the finale, the team members consist of — or once consisted of: Shana, Melissa, Jenna, Mona, Toby, and, to a lesser degree, Spencer.

Who was uber A?

Uber A, also known as A.D., is the third person to take over the identity of A. In the shows series finale, Uber As identity is revealed to be Alex Drake, Spencers twin sister who was put up for adoption at birth.

Who killed Noel Kahn?

Noel and Jenna lure the Liars into an abandoned blind school to take back the evidence the Liars have on him and plan to kill them. However, Noel is accidentally killed by Emily Fields after she punches him, causing him to drop his axe and fall onto it.

Did Hanna and Caleb have a baby?

It was revealed after the 3rd episode that Hanna and Caleb had a baby boy named Aidan. Also after Spencer and Toby eloped the whole of Rosewood think that she might be pregnant.

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