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Opnions and needs shared from Tokyo Residents on ESG investment are as follows.

Survey Result

In the survey, we asked Tokyo Residents to share their thoughts on ESG investments. The questions consisted the choices of ESG investment examples from Environment, Social, Governance fields. Tokyo Residents selected the top three ESG investment examples that they care the most in their daily life and the top three selected are as follows:

-1st Climate Change (Example: Global warming, Extreme weather, Sustainable environment, CO2 emissions)

-2nd Human Capital (Example: Labor management, Promotion of women’s participation, Diversity, Development of human resources)

-3rd Natural Resources (Example: Destruction of nature, Water resources, Land use, Biodiversity, Recycling)

In addition to the survey results, we also looked into the opinions shared from Tokyo Residents on ESG investment. Based on shared opinions from Tokyo Residents, we will accept applications from companies who are actively promoting ESG investment in the relevant fields.

【Survey Period】
July 27th, 2018 (Fri) 2:00PM to August 28th, 2018 (Fri) 11:59PM

【Question Asked】
In your day-to-day life, what interests you in the areas of environment, society, and governance, or what do you want to see resolved?
Please select three from the ESG investment example (a)-(h), rank them from 1 – 3, and give your reasoning.

【Survey Aggregation Method】
Top answers were given three points, two points for the next most given answer, and one point for the third most given. Points were then aggregated for each selected ESG investment example, and are shown below as a percentage of total points.

【Survey Result Summary】
As the survey result shows, more than half of respondents ranked “Environment” fields’ ESG investment examples as their top priority. This summer, it recorded the hottest temperature in the history in multiple locations and continuous arrival of typhoons brought devastating effects to the many cities in Japan.
With the emphasis on extreme weather from the media, many of the opinions shared from Tokyo Residents reflected their worries on environmental issue which are now “urgent matter” and “threats to their daily life.” As the result of growing interest in recent Work Style Reform and promotions of women’s participation in workplace, “Social” fields received a substantial vote. “Governance” fields received relatively low results as it indicates 15%, the opinions describe this area as a long-term issue that needs continuous efforts from the companies.

Reasons for Selection & Opinions on ESG

For the top three areas of most concern for Tokyo residents, “climate change”, “human capital”, and “natural resources”, below are some of the main reasons that respondents gave for their selection, as well as a number of opinions on ESG overall.

Climate Change

Reason for selection

  • I hear news every day on climate change, and especially on global warming. Though I don’t think we can readily make things the way they were before, I do want a resolution – because if something doesn’t change in our day-to-day living, it’ll soon be too late. (Company employee, 30s)
  • Over the last few years, there have been some strange changes in the weather. I can’t help but think that these are messages the Earth is sending to us. (Homemaker, 40s)
  • High temperatures, torrential rain…there were many weather events which worried me over this summer. [Climate change is] something that’s directly linked to my lifestyle, so I have a strong interest in it. (Company employee, 50s)


Human Capital

Reason for selection

  • I’m a foreigner working in Tokyo. Japan’s unique working environment and business customs has led me to be more interested in issues such as promoting diversity across the board and management of working hours. (Company employee, 20s)
  • I’m very interested in promoting the participation of women. I would like to see a society where women can still participate through work, etc., even after major life events, and those who want to advance further are fairly judged. (Company employee, 20s)
  • To find a way around the declining birth rate as the working population shrinks, I think the freedom to do side jobs, be dually employed, or work in other new ways, as well as finding new human resources will be important. (Entrepreneur/executive, 40s)


Natural Resources

Reason for selection

  • Resources have a limit, so I think we need to consider how both people and objects can maximize them (couldn’t we convert discarded items into reusable ones?) (Civil servant, 30s)
  • If we don’t work on a solid environmental education or address how we should utilize finite resources, I fear that humans and the entire globe will fall into a crisis. (Company employee, 40s)
  • I’m concerned about how many natural disasters there have been. I want to keep the global environment healthy. (Company employee, 50s)


ESG Overall

Opinions on ESG in general

  • Although I think ESG initiatives are fantastic, I don’t think they will always work well in the short term with corporate profits. If there was a system where ESG initiatives could be incorporated in the short term into a company’s profits and stock prices, I think it could really speed up the promotion of these initiatives. (Company employee, 20s)
  • I definitely feel the importance of making selective investments when it comes to future social issues. I’m hoping that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will actively provide their support. (Company employee, 30s)
  • I think ESG initiatives are great because they don’t only consider profitability but also include investments aimed at social issues. (Civil servant, 50s)


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