Question: Which tribe is Ikom?

Who is the richest man in Boki?

Donald Duke is the current richest man in Cross River state with an estimated net worth of $40 million. Born on the 30th of September, 1961, he was elected as the first civilian governor of Cross River state. Duke obtained a law degree from Ahmadu Bello College, Zaria.

What tribe is Cross River?

Demographics. The State is composed of several ethnic groups, which include the Efik, the Ejagham, Yakurr, Bahumono, Bette, Yala, Igede, Ukelle, Utukwang [Utugwang] and the Bekwarra. There are four major languages spoken in the state: French, Efik, Bekwarra, and Ejagham.

What is god in Efik language?

Here are what the Ibibio-Efik give their Gods name; Abasi โ€“ God; the director of the universe. Ete โ€“ Father. Abasi Afid Abuk โ€“ God of All Flesh.

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