Question: How do Ethiopians get married?

Arranged Marriages In many parts of Ethiopia, including the capital, arranged marriages are still very common. According to this tradition, the parents of the groom and bride are accountable for arranging the marriages of their offspring.

What is an Ethiopian wedding like?

Telosh is the name of the traditional Ethiopian wedding. On a fateful day, the groom and best man arrive at the brides home. A song is sung while no one is allowed in yet. He walks in gives his bride some flowers, she hugs and kisses him and the couple lead to the venue, others follow in songs and dances.

What are the types of marriage in Ethiopia?

Generally, there are three types of marriage among the Oromo. This type of marriage has different names in different parts of Oromia: kadhaa (Nuro,1989), or fuudha baal-tokkee (Hussen 2000) around Arsi, cida (Lemmesa, 2007) around Showa, and Naqataa (Gemetchu & Assefa, 2006) in Wallaga.

What is a habesha wedding?

Usually the Thursday or Friday before the wedding day, there is usually a ceremony called the “Helefot.” The Helefot is a traditional ceremony where the bride and groom embark on with both families and is the equivalent to the Ethiopian “Telosh.” This ceremony is at the brides family house.

How long do Ethiopian weddings last?

The Jewish Ethiopian wedding ceremony lasts for 7 whole days, with the groom and his family building a hut blessed by the Cahenet just prior to the wedding celebration. On the wedding day, the Kesherah or the purity ceremony is performed.

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