Question: What are the 9 circles of Hell and their punishments?

What are the punishments in the inferno?

Among these punishments is the punishment for lust: being trapped in a “hellish cyclone” that “snatches the [lustful] spirits up in its driving whirl, / whisks them about and beats and buffets them.” Being blown about by hot winds, Dante explains, is a fit punishment for people “who made their reason subject to desire” ...

Are there 9 circles of Hell?

As a Christian, Dante adds Circle 1 (Limbo) to Upper Hell and Circle 6 (Heresy) to Lower Hell, making 9 Circles in total; incorporating the Vestibule of the Futile, this leads to Hell containing 10 main divisions. This 9+1=10 structure is also found within the Purgatorio and Paradiso.

Who does Dante see Hell?

Nine Circles of Hell. Here are the circles of hell in order of entrance and severity: Limbo: Where those who never knew Christ exist. Dante encounters ​Ovid, Homer, Socrates, Aristotle, Julius Caesar, and more here.

Who does Dante cry for?

Summary: Canto IX Suddenly, Dante sees three Furies—creatures that are half woman, half serpent. They shriek and laugh when they notice Dante, and call for Medusa to come and turn him into stone. Virgil quickly covers Dantes eyes so that he will not see Medusas head.

Who would be in the 9th circle of Hell?

The Ninth Circle of Hell is a frozen lake and, like Dantes vision of Hell in general, the Ninth Circle itself is divided into rings of increasingly bad sections with the worst in the center. The people who are sent to the Ninth Circle are people who have betrayed the trust of someone or something close and special.

Who does Dante talk to?

Dante angrily begins to speak to the friars of their evil, when he sees a figure on the ground held by three stakes. Friar Catalan explains that this is Caiaphas, the high priest who told the council of Pharisees that it was better for Jesus to die than for the whole nation to perish.

Why does Dante pity sinners?

He is also faced with many enemies and tests. The sinners cause Dante to show sympathy for them because of their punishments they have to face. When Dante reaches the fortunetellers and diviners he begins to feel sympathy for them. Virgil explains, “ There is no place for pity here.

What happens to the souls who betray their guests?

Dante displays his abhorrence of such crimes by devising a special rule for those who betray their guests: their souls descend immediately to hell and their living bodies are possessed by demons when they commit these acts (Inf. 33.121-6).

What is heaven according to Dante?

According to the image that Dante gave us, Hell and Purgatory are part of the terrestrial sphere, whereas Paradise is out of the Earth. Dante obviously follows the Christian doctrine that places God in the Heaven. In this tenth heaven is Heaven itself, the seat of God, angels, and the blessed.

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