Question: How can I find my character?

How do I find my character?

7 Ways To Get To Know Your CharactersTAKE A TEST. No studying required! PLAY A GAME. As youre trying to figure out how your character moves through life, bring them with you every day. UPDATE THEIR PROFILE. Its the digital age, baby! LOOK TO THE STARS. BUILD A HOME. WRITE IT OUT. TALK THE TALK.6 Mar 2020

How do I choose a character?

Choose a main character and decide when your readers will meet that person. In most cases, your main character will come first in your narrative. There are creative exceptions, to be sure. But it makes sense for the writer to point a camera at the character whose actions will be governed by the focus of the story.

Whats a main character called?

protagonist The main character (sometimes called “principal character”) and the protagonist are both two central characters, but the protagonist drives the plot forward while the main character is impacted by the plot.

What should my main character be?

Ideally, your protagonist should be the most interesting person in your story. After all, youve chosen his story to tell, so there must be a reason why its the most interesting possible iteration of your plot events.

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