Question: Do the choices in Kingdom Hearts Matter?

If you want advice on what to choose regarding abilities, thats completely your own personal decision. No matter what, youll always have the same abilities by the time you reach level 100. As for stats, the choice should be between choosing the shield and staff.

What choices should I make in Kingdom Hearts?

Your choices are Wisdom, Vitality, and Balance. You can probably intuit which one will boost which stats, but heres the technical breakdown: Wisdom: Choosing this will make Soras starting magic higher, resulting in 90 HP and 120 MP.

Do the questions matter kh1?

1 Answer. Yes, these answers will affect how fast your character will gain levels during the game. The three different results possible are: Gaining levels at an average / standard rate throughout the game.

Which Keyblade is the strongest?

Ultima Weapon 1 Ultima Weapon With a name like Ultima Weapon, this Keyblade was bound to be the most powerful in the game. Not only does it have the highest Strength stat at +12, but it also has incredible reach and speed. It raises Soras MP by two gauges, as well, and deals hefty critical hits very often.

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