Question: Who plays the daughter in Playing Cupid?

Mia Quaranta De La Rosa will be seen as Davids daughter Clara in Playing Cupid. The 12-year-old actress is currently attending middle school.

Who plays Eva in playing Cupid?

Born in Burbank, CA. Joely Fisher is the daughter of actress Connie Stevens and singer Eddie Fisher, and grew up on the road. She began performing on stage in her mothers Las Vegas act at the age of seven.

Who are the actors in Hallmark movie playing Cupid?

Stars Brooke DOrsay & Brendan Penny. A modern-day EMMA, finds David Martinez being secretly set up with his daughters teacher, when the young girl begins a matchmaking business for a school project.

Who plays Claras mother in playing Cupid?

Mia Quaranta De La Rosa Mia Quaranta De La Rosa. Mia was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. Canada to a Mexican mother and Italian father, whom are both immigrants to Canada. Having grown up in a multicultural household, Mia learned to speak three languages; English, Spanish, and Italian.

What year was playing Cupid made?

QC DisapprovedMoviePremiere Date1.Playing Cupid2/13/212.A New Years Resolution1/9/213.Two for the Win1/16/214.Ships in the Night: A Marthas Vineyard Mystery1/17/211 more row•Feb 13, 2021

What school was Playing Cupid filmed at?

Vancouver, British Columbia Playing Cupid was filmed predominantly in Vancouver. The proximity between the two primary locations, Vancouver and Langley, was a major reason the production went smoothly despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Is Kelsey Crane still married?

Nicholas Gonzalez and Kelsey Crane are Married |

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