Question: Why do men fear Kikuyu ladies?

They fear us because we dislike laziness, which happens to be the nature of most Kenyan men. They want to be babied and pampered even when they are bringing home nothing”. Nyambura says, Kikuyu women cant stand abusive marriages. “You will never hear us complain of battery or mistreatment and still stay put.

Can a man legally have two wives?

In the United States, polygamy is illegal in all 50 states; however, in February 2020, the Utah House and Senate reduced punishment for polygamy to the status of a traffic ticket. All of Europe and Oceania, except for the Solomon Islands, do not recognize polygamist marriages.

What are Kikuyu known for?

The Kikuyu (also known as Agikuyu) are a central Bantu community. They are among the Kenyan communities that championed the struggle for Kenyas independence through the Mau Mau movement and the Kikuyu Central Association (KCA).

What religion are the Kikuyu people?

Introduction. Most Kikuyu are Christians, and during my entire stay in Kenya (nine months in two visits), I never met one Kikuyu who professed to be anything else.

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