Question: Can you search peoples names on Okcupid?

Log into your OkCupid profile. Click on your profile thumbnail (you can find this on the top right corner of your screen) When the drop-down menu appears, click on “Find a User” You will see a white box with the words, “search by username”.

Can you browse OK Cupid?

You can now search for love without swiping on OkCupid Starting today theyre rolling out a feature that lets you search profiles based on keywords. Its currently available on desktops and for users of their iPhone app. You can search for about 20,000 different terms and find profiles that contain them.

Can I see who viewed me on OkCupid?

OKCupid has not formally announced this change on its blog, but has started to notify users about it via email, according to a post on Reddit. Heads up, daters. OKCupid is quietly doing away with a major feature: the ability to see who has visited your profile.

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