Question: Is Ashtead safe?

What is the population of Ashtead Surrey?

14,169 AshteadAshtead Location within SurreyArea11.59 km2 (4.47 sq mi)Population14,169 (2011 census)• Density1,223/km2 (3,170/sq mi)19 more rows

What is Ashtead like to live?

Living in Ashtead is about enjoying the outdoors, going for long walks in the 400 acres of Ashtead Common with its tree-lined avenues and woodland on the north side of the village. Due to its ancient oak trees and community of breeding birds, it is a designated Area of Special Interest.

Is Ashtead a good place to live?

We love Ashtead, from its woods to its churches, its one of the loveliest places to live in Surrey. Ashtead is one of Surreys oldest settlements and Mole Valleys largest village by a long shot.

How safe is Epsom Surrey?

Epsom is the most dangerous medium-sized town in Surrey, and is the 21st most dangerous overall out of Surreys 105 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Epsom in 2020 was 72 crimes per 1,000 people.

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